Would you or your company like to support the Jacksonville Chapter of Girls Pint Out?

When we get together, we share beer, stories and the latest news on … well, EVERYTHING!

How would you and your business to be a “hot topic” at our next meeting?

There are several way you can do this – all of which put NO money in my own pocket – but will go to purchase paper products, pint glasses, swag and other beer-drinking paraphernalia used in our get-togethers at establishments and events all over the Greater Jacksonville area.

What better way to get your female-friendly message across to the group of craft beer lovin’ women who visit this site than to have your ad banner prominently displayed on one (or more) of the pages comprising this blog/website?

You can choose from two sizes and pricing structures. Please contact me at regina@girlspintout.com if you are interested in establishing an effective promotion targeted on this cohesive, energetic and focused market segment!

Another means of reaching “women who love craft beer” is by sponsoring an event! … contact me at regina@girlspintout.com and we can discuss locations and agenda for the event. We will provide you and/or your company some dedicated “listening time” as you inform, promote and canvass our group – most probably scheduled early on in the get-together because … well, you know …

If you have swag and would like for me to share with the Jacksonville Chapter of Girls Pint Out, contact me at info@jaxgirlspintout.com for more information and scheduling! … I will be happy to pick up any swag you have to offer and will also share whatever other promotional material you would like the group to have.

If you are an establishment which offers craft beer and would like to have our chapter invade your business – and would be willing to offer a discount on pints, please let me know. On behalf of our Chapter, we would certainly be appreciative of your generous offer!

Regardless of the method(s) you choose, the fact you are stepping up to support the Jacksonville Chapter of Girls Pint Out will be highlighted on this website and my other social media outlets.

I look forward to working together with you to spread the word about your business throughout our community!