Jacksonville Girls’ Pint Out invade the Oldest City

Mission accomplished. The Jacksonville Chapter of Girls’ Pint Out stormed the walls of St. Augustine on Saturday (Aug 10) andclaimed it as our own!

Jax GPO at Mile Marker Brewing

Jax GPO at Mile Marker Brewing

Mile Marker Brewery (3420 Agricultural Center Drive – St. Augustine – 904.217.4294) was our initial rendezvous point and it was quite exciting to see all the women who turned out for this, our first road trip!

Hosting our event was Linda Johnson, member of our Chapter and an investor in the Mile Marker Brewery. Linda did a magnificent job of welcoming all attendees, including those to the group. The Mile Marker staff provided excellent customer service not only to us but also to the other patrons visiting the establishment, as well. The raffle drawing for pint glasses and a quart growler was a big hit – thank you Mile Marker!

Owner and brewer Vance Joy took time out of his busy (and hot) day of brewing to give our entire group a thorough tour and explanation of Mile Marker’s brew plant and process.

Of course, the beer was delicious and the fellowship was energized and genuine. It was great to see Kelsey and Chase back in the Jacksonville area – Chase returning from deployment overseas just recently and Kelsey from California where she had been waiting impatiently for him. Welcome back, you two! … we missed you while you were away – and thank you both again for your service and sacrifice to our country!

On behalf of all the women, I wish to express our appreciation to the staff, management and owners of Mile Marker Brewing for allowing our boisterous group to invade, for making us feel so welcome and for providing the perfect atmosphere the first stop of the first road trip of the Jacksonville Chapter of Girls’ Pint Out!

Touring Mile Marker Brewing – St. Augustine, FL

Touring Mile Marker Brewing – St. Augustine, FL

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Mile Marker Brewing (3420 Agricultural Center Drive – St. Augustine – 904.217.4294)

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